Saturday, August 13, 2011

The New Apartment... Continued

Today was a fun-filled day of more apartment shopping!  Mike's mom came to see the place and took us shopping for some curtains and whatnot (so nice)!  I haven't done much cooking because the only food shopping I've done was at the public market this morning (which is AWESOME).  But I have gone out to eat..a lot!  So here goes:

Last night I went to a restaurant called Cibon.  It was a cute little italian place.  It had a good atmosphere and awesome Margherita Pizza!  It was really thin crust so it was nice and crunchy.  (I didn't take the picture below - it just so happens they have a picture of their pizza online)!

Today for lunch we went to a diner called Jine's.  I had pumpkin pancakes (yes, for lunch) because they are my favorite food at this diner.  This place is always packed when I go and their menu is huge!  They have so many options for all meals and the food is great (and cheap).  

Tonight I'm going to a bar/restaurant called Good Luck.  I've only been once, but I loved loved loved the atmosphere!  It's a good place to go and get a glass of wine and relax.  They are famous for their burgers which are HUGE (I wish I could triple underline that).  So, of cousre, Mike is determined to eat a whole burger by himself.  It's going to be painful just to watch!  Last time I had the reuben (I don't like sauerkraut and I don't like swiss cheese, but I love reubens.  Makes no sense, right?).  I'm pretty sure they have pizza though and I am tempted to get pizza for the second night in a row.  You can go ahead and judge me.  I love that the kitchen is open so you can watch them cook!:

So tonight's dilemma:  I want to go out to the bars near my street, but I have to dog sit this dollface:
Love her :) I'm thinkin i'll go to the bars early and then head over and take care of her.. classic Grandma Meredith.  Don't worry, I'm not really a drinker so there won't be any drinking and driving.  I do realize that the title of my blog includes booze but that doesn't mean I'm a big drinker :)

My stomach is growling so much that I'm sitting alone on the couch laughing.  Good thing Mike is sleeping and can't make fun of me!

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